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The MiB Crosstrail

The MiB Crosstrail is a sleek, fun and above all practical bike. With its 27.5" frame size and its lightweight aluminium construction the MiB Crosstrail is an all-purpose E-Bike and is a perfect alternative to a traditional push bike.

The MiB Crosstrail E-bike is ideal for commuting, making excuses like "it’s too far" or "there is a real big hill on the way" a thing of the past.

With 5 levels of pedal assist and it's powerful and quiet 250w Bafang motor you can handle any obstacle, whether it's thrashing down trails, fighting traffic or just climbing that massive hill near your house the Crosstrail takes it all in its stride.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the Step Over Height? The Step over height at its lowest point is 70cm/27.5 Inches.

  • Does the MiB Crosstrail come with a throttle? The MiB Crosstrail does not come with a throttle.

  • What is the Range of the MiB Crosstrail? The real world range is 30 - 40 Miles

  • How much does the MiB - Crosstrail weight? it weighs 22kgs including the removeable battery and 19kgs

 Are MiB E-Bikes UK & EU Legal? YES, all MiB Ebikes are UK and EU road legal as standard and can be ridden on public roads, cycle paths and parks. for more information click here.

 Does the bike come fully assembled? NO, The bike is 80% put together, the maximum you will need to do is attached handlebars, pedals, one mudguard and a front light.

 Do you despatch from China? NO, we hold all stock here in the UK in our warehouse in Launceston, Cornwall.

 Do you have UK customer support? YES. we pride ourselves on offering exceptional customer support which is available 9.30am - 4.30pm Monday to Friday Excl bank holidays.

 Is there any warranty included? YES, We have a 12 month warrranty included as standard with all MiB E-Bikes. for more details click here

  What is the diffrence between the Cruise and the Discovery Models? The difference between the Cruise and the Discovery is the tyres only. The Cruise has more On-road tyres and the Discovery comes with Off-road tyres.

  How long is delivery? Delivery is normally next working day as long as we have the bike in stock.


At MiB E-Bikes we want the best for our customers whilst offering the best quality for an affordable price. 

 UK Customer Support - We pride ourselves on our customer service and having someone on the phone when you need it is key!

 UK Stock - All our stock is dispatched from and stored in our UK warehouse in Cornwall.

 Warranty - All our bikes come with 12 months warranty on the frames, battery, motor and controller.

 Motors - All our bikes come with a 250w Bafang rear hub motor which provides a smooth injection of power when you need it.

 Integrated Lights - All our bikes come with integrated front an rear lights and all rear lights are connected to the brakes to let everyone know when your coming to a stop.

 Walk Assist and Throttles - All our bikes come with walk assist and most come with a throttle which helps you get going on steep inclines and makes manuvering the bike a breeze.

 All our bikes come with tektro disc brakes which provide superior braking to the traditional V-Brakes, as well as turning off the motor when you brake, keeping you in control.

Customer Reviews

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MiB - Crosstrail
MiB - Crosstrail
MiB - Crosstrail
MiB - Crosstrail
MiB - Crosstrail
MiB - Crosstrail
MiB - Crosstrail
MiB - Crosstrail
MiB - Crosstrail
MiB - Crosstrail
MiB - Crosstrail

MiB Crosstrail - Key Features

Powerful 250W Bafang Rear Hub Motor

-The Bafang Motor is Quiet and Reliable with 80nm of Torque.

-7 Speed Shimano Gears.

-Tektro 180mm Disc Brakes Power and Control when needed.

-Mud Guards as Standard

-Durable CST 27.5"x1.75" Road Tyres

- Metal Pedals.

Battery Mounted Inside The Frame

-Removable Samsung Cell 48v 10.5ah Battery.

-Battery can be charged on or off the bike & Locked to the bike with a Key.

-Real World Range of 30-40 miles.

-Fully Lockable Suspension.

-Super Comfortable Padded Seat.

-Adjustable Seat Height.

Walk Assist Up to 3.7mph

-Integrated LED Front lights

-Integrated LED Rear Brake Lights (Flashes When Brakes are Used)

-LCD Display - 5 Speed Levels, Speedometer, Trip Computer

-Ergonomic Grips

-Bell Included