Here at MiB E-Bikes we have noticed a trend, and its a good one. More people are cycling more of the time. 

 A study in Norway showed that people who own an e-bike to cycle longer and more often. That means swapping short commutes in cars, as well as being more likely to go out for a leisurely ride.

The result is that it’s not only good for individual health and well being but it’s also a huge positive for the environment. In the world of cycling, the increasing number of cyclists also means that it encourages greater infrastructure for cyclists as a whole. That means more office showers, more dedicated cycle lanes and better safety awareness amongst other road users. 

Studies have shown that cycling over more manageable, longer distances, increases the likelihood of keeping up with the change. Those who have switched to cycling, by using an electric bike, have found the transition away from other modes of transport easier. As a result you are more likely to keep it going, go you!


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