What is the difference between the Cruise and the Discovery? The only Difference is the Cruise a has on-road tyres which are quieter on the roads and the Discovery has off-road tyres which are better for trails and going off the beaten track.

 What is the lowest the seat and handle bars can go? The lowest seat height is 70cm/27.5" and the lowest the handlebars go is 114cm/45".

 What is the highest the seat and handlebars can go? The highest seat height is 97cm/38" and the highest the handlebars go is 131cm/51.5".

 What is the folded size? 102cm x 81cm x 60cm ( W x H x D).

 Whats is the range? The real world range is 30-40 miles.

 How much does the the MiB - Discovery weigh? the bike ways 32kgs including the removeable battery an 28kgs excluding the battery.