With e-bikes you can forget about arriving to work sweaty or battling with the steep inclines, an E-Bike leaves you with all the best bits of cycling.

 No more sitting in traffic, just A to B with minimal fuss. With the added assistance you'll likely find yourself becoming more ambitious with how often and how far you start to ride too.

 Great for the environment. By cutting down unnecessary car journey's, you are helping to make your local environment better and the air clearer. As well as saving money on petrol costs everyday. 

 Perfect for existing health issues or injury's, that would have previously prevented you from bike riding to work or for leisure. The MiB E Bikes take the strain out of riding up hill or steep inclines, leaving you using less pressure on joints. 

If you are looking for a bike to cycle to work on then take a look at the Cycle To Work scheme. This scheme allows you to 'hire' and bike and accessories with no limit on spend through your employer. You pay a monthly 'salary sacrifice' to effectively 'hire' the bike and kit, over a 12 month period, then pay a small sum at the end to keep the bike. For more information see https://www.cyclescheme.co.uk/get-a-bike/how-it-works