E-Bikes Helping to Improve Your Mental Health


 It has been proven time and time again, that exercise can improve mental health. We are all taking a more active approach to looking after our mental health (as well as our physical health), and it is now viewed to be just as important as physical health. Here at MiB we believe that mental and physical health work best, when worked on together. The big dose of endorphins that you get after exercise can help look after our mental health, by making us feel happier and less stressed. 

 A big barrier to exercise quite often is either a new or existing injury, which in turn can make our mental health worse. We find E-Bikes are great for those who are looking to change habits and start exercising  more. The help that power assist electric bikes provide helps make the transition away from other modes of transport easier for new users, with injuries. You are still getting fresh air, you're still getting exercise, but the barriers to exercise are far fewer. 

 Particularly for those looking to change habits and start exercising more, the help that an electric bike provides makes the transition away from other modes of transport easier for new users. You’re still getting fresh air, you’re still getting exercise, but the barriers to entry are far fewer.

 A great result of using power assist E-Bikes, is that it helps build confidence with cycling, which in turn is more likely to help you continue to exercise. This a huge positive for mental health, to keep achieving goals and sticking at a routine.

 For someone returning to cycling after an injury or surgery, the hardest challenge is to start to exercise. The pressure of riding an non-motorised bike can be hard, exhausting, and physically challenging. This can lead to failure and by finding it hard, more like to give up. The power assist e-bikes are so easy to ride. When it becomes challenging, flick the switch and off you go, until you are ready to carry on pedalling. 

 You may not have ridden a bike since your childhood days, but as the saying goes 'you never forget how to ride a bike'!. An E-bike is a great way to get back on that bike. It makes cycling much less daunting, and allows you freedom without putting undue pressure on your body.

 All of this improves fitness over time and gives you that feel good factor, great for our mental health! 

 Look after yourselves, you are worth it.